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VCCS logoOur mission is to create opportunities for Church personnel and University personnel to discuss their mutual interests, identify needs, align interests and develop collaborative projects

The Vincentian Center for Church and Society serves as a clearinghouse for and developer of Vincentian information, poverty research, social justice resources, and as an academic/cultural programming Center. It sponsors the Vincentian Chair of Social Justice, the Institute on Poverty Studies, and Religion and Science Dialogue. While many of its activities relate the University to local communities and the Church of Metropolitan New York, the Center also supports specialized projects linking it nationally and globally. 

Vincentian Center Activities

The Center sponsors a number of programs and conferences:

Acculturation Program for International Priests
Materials and Consultation for Church Management
Collaborative Planning facilitation
Faculty Experts at the United Nations
Active participation in local, national and international organizations


Capacity Development for Church Personnel

Develop capacity for and promote research, academic programming and publications which strengthen Church personnel and Church organizations.

Communication Structures

Sustain communication with Church leaders as well as with the worldwide Vincentian family to inform planning and enrich activities.

Resource Inventories

Maintain inventories of University resources to respond to requests and inquiries of Church leaders and community based organizations.


Maintain and facilitate relations with local, national and international Church organizations to assure relevance of Center’s programming in service to and with the Church. 


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