Definition of Vincentian Research

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Early in the history of the program, the Fellows and Deans identified the need for defining “Vincentian Research” as both an educational and motivational guide for faculty. The following definition was developed by the Fellows and approved by the Deans in 2001. The stress on urban was adopted because of the metropolitan location of St. John’s University but also with an awareness of the effect that a new rush of urbanization is having on the poor locally and around the world.

In keeping with the Vincentian tradition of concern for the poor and marginalized in society, The Vincentian Chair of Social Justice and The Vincentian Center for Church and Society facilitate interdisciplinary research aimed at identifying and responding to the causes of poverty and social injustice, particularly in urban areas. The Center encourages solutions which are adaptable, effective and concrete, and which embody the spirit of compassion and service exemplified by the life of St. Vincent de Paul. The Center supports research which can enlighten public discourse on issues of justice and poverty and which can contribute to the development of effective public policy initiatives. (2001)

Food for Thought

Catholic universities will be particularly attentive to the poorest and to those who suffer economic, social, cultural or religious injustice. This responsibility begins within the academic community but it also finds application beyond it.

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