Selection and Appointment

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Fellows are selected jointly by the Vincentian Center and the respective deans of the colleges and schools. On appointment, each becomes eligible for modest monetary support to conduct research or to attend a conference. After two years of service, a Research Fellow can be named a Senior Fellow who then continues to participate in meetings and events and to serve in an advisory capacity to the administrators of the Vincentian Center and the Vincentian Chair of Social Justice. Senior Fellows also are consulted as to future Vincentian Research Fellows.

In 2007, the Vincentian Fellows Program was expanded to include the category of “Affiliate Senior Fellow” and the first incumbent was named. These Fellows located at other universities, particularly Vincentian ones, or in leadership positions in related organizations, broaden and extend the cadre of personnel pursuing similar or complementary projects and enhance collaboration beyond the St. John’s academic community.

Food for Thought

Catholic universities will be particularly attentive to the poorest and to those who suffer economic, social, cultural or religious injustice. This responsibility begins within the academic community but it also finds application beyond it.

Pope John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (40)