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Regis Francis Clet

1748 - Birth of Francis Regis Clet, August 19, to Caesar and Claudine Clet.
1769 - Entrance into the Congregation of the Mission at Lyons.
1771 - Pronouncement of Permanent Vows at Lyons, March 18.
1773 - Ordination to Priesthood, March 27.
1773 - Appointment as Professor of Moral Theology at Seminary in Annecy.
1783 - Transfer by Vatican of the Jesuit missions in China to the Vincentians.
1786 - Appointment as Rector of the Seminary.
1787 - Death of his mother, Claudine.
1788 - Appointment as Director of Novices in Paris.
1789 - Attack on Vincentian Motherhouse in Paris at beginning of Revolution.
1791 - Named as one of a team of three missionaries to China.
1792 - Arrival in China after a six month sea journey to join 26 other Vincentians.
1793 - Arrival in Hopei Province.
1811 - Intensification of anti-Christian persecutions.
1812 - Accused as an "instigator of rebellion" causing Clet to flee into mountains.
1819 - Capture of Francis Regis Clet in June after three months on the run.
1820 - Sentencing of Clet to death by strangulation, January 1.
1820 - Execution of Clet after approval by Emperor, February 18.
1843 - Declaration of Clet as "Venerable" by Pope Gregory XVI, July 9.
1900 - Declaration of Clet as "Blessed" by Pope Leo XIII, May 27.
2000 - Declaration of Clet as "Saint" Francis Regis, October 1.

Food for Thought

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Pope John Paul II,
Ex Corde Ecclesiae (32)