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Louise De Marillac

The following quotations have been drawn from the Spiritual Writings of St. Louise. This brief sample reveals the depth of her spirituality and the soundness of her leadership as well as the scope and variety of Louise's competence and experience in the major fields of human service.

Spiritual Guide:

Prudence consists in speaking about important matters only and not relating a lot of trifles that are not worth saying.

How Good it is to trust God! Turn to Him often, as children look to their father and mother in their needs.

One of the most powerful reasons to induce us to love God is the conviction we enjoy that He loves us.


Grant me the grace to spend this day without offending You and without failing my neighbor.

Social Worker:

As for your conduct toward the poor, may you never take the attitude of merely getting the task done. You must show them affection; serving them from the heart -- inquiring of them what they need; speaking to them gently and compassionately; procuring necessary help for them without being too bothersome or too eager.


In serving the sick, you should have God alone in view. You should not be too lenient and condescending when the sick refuse to take remedies or become too insolent, yet you must beware of showing either resentment or contempt in your demeanor toward them. On the contrary, treat the sick with respect and humility, remembering that all harshness and disdain, as well as the services and the honor you render them, are directed to our Lord himself.

Food for Thought

A Catholic university is called to become an evermore effective instrument of cultural progress for individuals as well as for society. Included among its research activities, therefore, will be a study of serious contemporary problems in areas such as the dignity of human life, the promotion of justice for all, the quality of personal and family life, the protection of nature, the search for peace and political stability, a more just sharing in the world’s resources and a new economic and political order that will better serve the human community at a national and international level.

Pope John Paul II,
Ex Corde Ecclesiae (32)