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Louise De Marillac

1591 - Birth of Louise, August 12.
1604 - Death of her father, Louis de Marillac.
1606 - Louise discouraged from entering cloister.
1613 - Marriage to Antoine le Gras, secretary to Marie de Medici, February 5.
1623 - Vision, Louise saw herself as vowed, living in community serving the poor.
1624 - Meeting with Vincent de Paul who becomes Louise's spiritual guide.
1625 - Death of Antoine le Gras on December 21.
1629 - Beginning of Site Visits to Confraternities of Charity founded by Vincent.
1633 - Foundation of Daughters of Charity, November 29.
1639 - Daughters assume management of hospital at Angers.
1640 - Daughters establish home for foundlings and institute forster care.
1641 - Daughters establish nursing ministry to wounded soldiers.
1645 - Daughters establish schools for orphans.
1646 - Act which formally established the Company of the Daughters of Charity.
1650 - Daughters serve victims of Civil War.
1652 - Daughters leave for Poland, September 5; first mission outside France.
1655 - Revision of Act, assuring perpetual direction of Company the Vincentians.
1660 - Death of Louise, March 15.
1920 - Louise declared "Blessed," May 9.
1934 - Louise declared "Saint" Louise de Marillac, March 11.
1960 - Louise declared "Patroness of all Christian Social Workers," February 2.

Food for Thought

A Catholic university is called to become an evermore effective instrument of cultural progress for individuals as well as for society. Included among its research activities, therefore, will be a study of serious contemporary problems in areas such as the dignity of human life, the promotion of justice for all, the quality of personal and family life, the protection of nature, the search for peace and political stability, a more just sharing in the world’s resources and a new economic and political order that will better serve the human community at a national and international level.

Pope John Paul II,
Ex Corde Ecclesiae (32)