Religion and Science Lecture Series

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The Religion and Science Series at St. John’s University is an ongoing series of lectures devoted to discussing the relationship between advances in scientific knowledge on the one hand, and theological and religious commitment on the other. The project began as an interdisciplinary interest group comprised of faculty and administrators from across the University, all of who expressed a special interest in issues found at the intersection of scientific knowledge and religious belief.

Our project is guided by the simple yet crucial conviction that religion and science are mutually enriching and enlightening disciplines and that the most profound societal and moral challenges occur at the intersection of science and human values.

We are also motivated by the commitment that as one of the largest Catholic Universities in the country, St. Johns University has a unique responsibility to reflect on the relationship of science and religion and to promote productive conversations and dialogue about that relationship among faculty, students, and ultimately, the public at large.


The Religion and Science Series at St. John’s University is sponsored jointly by the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, the John A. Flynn Chair in Theology, the Vincentian Center for Church and Society, St. John’s University, as well as generous contributions from Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Ambrosino.

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Food for Thought

Catholic universities will be particularly attentive to the poorest and to those who suffer economic, social, cultural or religious injustice. This responsibility begins within the academic community but it also finds application beyond it.

Pope John Paul II, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (40)