Acculturation of Clergy

Annual sponsorship of a week-long residential program, “Acculturation Seminar for International Priests,” and related events to assist priests in their U.S. ministry.

2003 Acculturation Seminar Group

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This is a collection of the newest photos on our website. They characterize the events that have recently been hosted by our Center.
The 2010 Group
Exchange of Ideas
Making Connections
Picture 040.jpg
Partaking of the Holy Communion
The Panelists
Father Speaking to the Audience
Picture 024.jpg
Group Work Time
Second Day Workshops
Proud of My Country
Enjoying the Break
The Audience Was Very Engaged
Afternoon Session
The Range of Countries the Priests Come From
First Day Lunch
Taking Notes
Sister Margaret Kelly Addresses the Audience
Enjoying a Break
Fourth Day Workshops


Be Vincentian: Compassion without Borders, Justice without Limits

September 21-27, 2014

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