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The Vincentian Center for Church and Society at St. John’s University originated in 1994 and continues to animate university-wide consciousness of the Vincentian charism, to encourage and support academic ventures, especially those related to social justice, and to serve and collaborate with the greater church and community in the spirit of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.  Working with and supporting faculty, the Center has deep roots in the Catholic Church serving the community at large with a number of educational programs. While many of the Center’s activities link the University to local communities and the Church of Metropolitan New York, its reach extends to numerous national and international projects.  The Center is the site of many academic and cultural events, and the home of the Vincentian Chair of Social Justice.

Goals of the Vincentian Center for Church and Society are to:

  • Encourage rigorous social and theological reflection on issues of mutual concern to the Church and the University
  • Promote interdisciplinary research among faculty and provide academic programs for faculty, students, Church and community leaders, as well as service providers. Research and programs focus on the causes of and alleviation of poverty, human rights and social justice
  • Stimulate interest in and enthusiasm for the Vincentian spirit and tradition within the University, serving faculty, administrators, staff and students
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships that link faculty resources with service of the Church and community and link Church and community resources to serving the needs of faculty and students. For example, the Center works with Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens (http://www.ccbq.org/) as well as Catholic Relief Services (http://www.crs.org/)